Just a Radom Wednesday

I had the urge to film a vlog before I feel asleep this morning.  It’s kinda funny, in a Brenna is delirious sort of way, so I had to share!  Enjoy 🙂



Choosing to be Happy

Yesterday was one of those days where things started to go wrong from the wee hours of the morning.  I managed to get myself packed and ready to go, but when I turned on my car the “low tire pressure” indicator appeared.  *Crap*  I greatly appreciate this feature on my car, but it neglects to tell you which tire is low.  A quick glance at the clock told me that I had zero time to determine which tire was low.  Back into the house I went, in search of the misters car keys, which were nowhere in sight.  *Double crap*  Up the stairs I ran, yelling for the mister to wake up and help with my search.  A few minutes later the keys were retrieved and I dashed out the door, again, to grab his car.  Five steps out the door and my iPhone flew out of my pocket, landing with a heart-breaking crash onto the cement sidewalk.  Sigh.  *Triple crap*

I reluctantly backtracked my steps and slowly reached down for my phone, praying that the screen wasn’t shattered.  No such luck.  The beautiful glass screen looked like it withstood a sonic blast and shards of glass were starting to rain down.  A deep breath and a quick check of the time had me swallowing my anger/pain/fear and I was off again, to retrieve the borrowed car.


A hug from the mister and a promise of a fixed screen or a new phone and I was off again.  Safely inside the car I started to get the sinking feeling that this was going to be a terrible day.  I let myself wallow in this for a few miles and then I said aloud:  STOP.  You can CHOOSE to let this ruin your day or you can CHOOSE to breath through it and make the best of your day.  I chose the latter.

Throughout the long day it seemed that I kept getting thrown curve-balls.  Craziness at work, annoying setbacks at school, friends in need of a shoulder to lean on, and so much more.  The day was fulled with ups and downs, but I continually chose to be happy.  I chose to look at the situations from a positive perspective.

How often does this happen to us?  To get bogged down by the little things in life and let it weaken our spirit and taint our perspective on life.  But alas, we have the choice in every situation how to handle it.  This is our gift as intelligent humans, to choose how we react to life and make the conscious effort to choose to be happy.

And really, how can I be upset and angry when this little face follows me around?

IMG_4234 (1)

Have a beautiful and happy day!


Mrs VtGT