Hi, I’m Brenna, formerly a Miss, now the new Mrs VTGT.  I’ve been a blogger for years, mostly focusing on fashion and style, but a few months ago I took a virtual break and focused on life, more specifically, our wedding.

Our wedding was a magical day with only a few minor hiccups, you know, my zipper on my dress broke just an hour before the wedding and I had to be sewn into it…  yep, that really happened and you know what?  We survived and it was just perfect.  But all that is a story for another day!

Now that the wedding has come and gone and we are starting our journey into married life I have the urge to share some of our moments along the way.  I am by no means an expert, but the Mr and I have been through many challenges in our years leading to marriage and have only grown stronger and closer with the passing days.  I am so beyond excited to see what adventures are in our path and how we continue to love and support each other through our live together.  Maybe you’ll get a little something out of our stories, both the challenging and the uplifting, or maybe you’ll just chuckle along with us!




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