A Memorable Monumental Milestone

Last week I turned 30.  Gulp, 30 years old.  I faced this day with excitement and apprehension, thinking of all that I have accomplished in 30 years and all that I have yet to complete.  All in all, I am satisfied with my life, my relationships, my family, my health, and so on.  But still, it’s a big birthday that makes you stop and think.  I of course, didn’t stop.  Nope, I worked the night before and then we had plans to visit my family for the weekend (after getting a nice 8 hours of sleep).  Alas, that is not how things played out.

I got ready for work, as planned, making Ben pose for “my last hours in my 20s,”  photo.  But then I talked to my sister, who wasn’t feeling well.  She described her symptoms to me and my first thought:  Appendicitis.  Possibly a rupturing appendix.  I told her to go to the ER soon, especially if she started to feel worse and I headed to work, telling her to keep me posted.


An hour or so into my shift I got the text that she and my mom were in the ER, waiting for a CT scan to confirm the possible appy.  Yep, I was right and she needed immediate surgery.  By this time I was nearly done with work, so I texted Ben, telling him we would be heading home sooner than expected.  When I got home he had the house all Birthday-ed out for me!  Flowers all around, cake and cupcakes, candles, all for me to enjoy before heading to bed for the day.  Such a sweetie!   Sadly, we fast-forwarded the lovely event, packed at lightening speed and drove the 3.5 hours home!


We drove straight to the hospital where we stayed for most of the day with my sister.  Her surgery went well, but she needed to stay overnight.  Ben and I finally went to my parents house so I could sleep (it had been nearly 24 hours!).  But not before making Ben take another photo, of me, age 30 years, on 0 hours of sleep!


Doesn’t he look so handsome?!  And me, well, I’m a total mess, but ya only live once, so might as well post weird and embarrassing photos on the internet 🙂


Anyway, the next day we finally had a little birthday celebration on the back deck.  We all looked a little haggard, so I’ll spare you that failed photo op, but the two cakes made up for it in spades!  My sister kept apologizing for “messing up” my birthday celebration, but really, it didn’t matter.  It was just another example of how things like birthdays and special days don’t matter so much in the bigger picture.  Sure it’s nice to have cake, but health and happiness come first.  And knowing that you have a loving and supportive family is awesome.  Just awesome!

And there you have it, a very memorable 30th birthday extravaganza!




Advice: From My Mom

My mother has always told me that marriage {and relationships} are work.  Now, she does not mean this negatively, simply that it takes more than just being together to make the partnership successful.  It takes time, dedication, mutual respect, and love.

You have to actively work on the marriage, treating it like a job {an awesome job!, but still, a job}.  Think about it, would you be able to just jump into a new job, let’s say, a surgeon, without putting some work into it first?  I think not!  A marriage is like this.  You start with two individual people and you combine lives.  As the years pass each person grows separately and you must nurture the marriage unit to accommodate for these individual changes and make the unit grow right along with it.

I have taken this advice to heart and applied it to my relationships thus far.   I know that I will continue to be an active member of my marriage and work to grow as an individual and as an equal partner in this awesome new journey!