Because it’s Tuesday and I needed to be silly and slightly creative!  Enjoy!

Brow Mousse  // Blush // Eyelash Curler // Mascara// Earrings



2 thoughts on “Tuesday!

  1. Ohmygosh you are so adorable! Love the vlog, I vote for more. Also, I’ve been using tubular mascara (really? is that what it’s called? I sound like a ninja turtle…) for the last few years and will never go back. I prefer Clinique for mine, but no clue if they’re GF. Oh, and the tea is pronounced “roy-bus” — it’s very good for you. I lived off the cinnamon vanilla rooibos when I worked at UG. That pumpkin hybrid sounds delicious!

    • Yay for Tubular mascara. And your right, definitely sounds like we are 90s turtles!! haha! I didn’t even realize that’s what I was using until I watched a video of it, I just thought it washed off weirdly!

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