The Adventures of Night-Life: Day 1

Well, I survived my first night shift in the NICU.  It went surprisingly better than I expected.  It’s crazy how 12 hours can fly by without realizing that you are staying up the whole night.  The last time I saw the sun set and the sun rise (consecutively) I was going through my “wild-ish” college days!

Anyway, I was a good level of busy for most of the night, with it picking up considerably around 5am when one of my babies decided to drop her H/H and required a blood transfusion.  That’ll definitely eat a chunk of time!  I think that my “nausea hour” is around 4am, which means I should probably take a snack break a bit before and back off on the caffeine before hand.  So strange to plan meals and eat throughout the night.

It’s funny, the sun just popped up and bam!, it was morning!  Very cool.  Driving home I chatted with my mom and then when I got home Ben had dinner all ready for me.  I thought that I wasn’t hungry, but the smell of a turkey burger and acorn squash at 9 am proved me wrong!  So yummy and just what I needed before I crashed, head first, into bed in my perfectly dark Bat-Cave that Ben created.  Love that guy!  As I was drifting off my mind continued to race for a good two hours, but that’s expected, when you’ve been up for a solid 24 hours.

I finally joined the living around 2pm and enjoyed my granola and coffee.  Very strange to have my day shifted so much, but also quite satisfying.  I’m sure after three more nights of this I’ll be singing another tune, but I’ll take the happy moments when I get them!

And with that I’ll sign off with a stifled yawn and a tip of my hat to all those night workers out there!