The New Year and a Little Yoga

Well hello there beautiful peeps!  I’ve been so busy the past few months (graduating nursing school, getting an RN job, you know…) that I’ve neglected all forms of social media, well, except for FB stalking.  That never ceases to amuse.  Anyway, I’ve started this awesome yoga journey and want to share my experience with ya’ll!  Without further adieu, here’s a vlog update!

Of course, totally awkward video, but it’s kinda fun to make them!  Please excuse the yoga-ready-ness of my outfit.  I was literally just about to do my daily yoga and wanted to get my video processing!

If you want a yoga program to really kick your butt, without a crazy gym membership or expensive classes, I highly recommend checking out The Ultimate Yogi.  It’s a crazy 108 day commitment, but so far, totally worth it!!  I’m all about enhancing my life experience and opening my mind, body, and spirit to new adventures!

All you need is:  the DVD set, a yoga mat, water, a way to watch (my laptop!), and a quiet space!

yogiblog 2

And now, if I haven’t convinced you to check it out now or run for the hills, here’s what you’ll look like after 🙂

yogiblog 1

Oh yeah, totally worth it.  Floppy bun, sweaty face, and aching muscles!  But seriously, I am so excited to jump head-first into 2014.  New job, awesome fitness goals, first anniversary, and my 30th b-day all lie ahead!!  #bringit2014 #theultimateyogi




One thought on “The New Year and a Little Yoga

  1. Oh I’m late to the party again, haha, but you’re so CUTE! Love the post-workout shot and the video (cat tail halfway through is hilarious). I look forward to your updates, they inspire me to stick to my meager 3 videos a week.

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