Happy Morning

It’s a slightly dreary Thursday morning, but you know what, my heart is content.  My husband has been working long hours all week and he is finally upstairs sleeping.  Our two cats are out in the backyard adventuring around and getting into mischief.  I finished painting my third-to-last room yesterday and it feels so wonderful.  I just love making our house beautiful.  And we looked online at puppies last night and we may just have found a breed that we both love!  I’m not sure if we are quite ready for a puppy, but you never know!

It’s funny, I spent the past three years documenting my daily style but since May I’ve been on a bit of a break.  Every so often I’ve snapped a few pics when the look is just right, but I have yet to share any of these photos.  I’m not sure where my Style-Side’s place is in this great blog-o-sphere!  I suppose that this is my space to do whatever I want, so today, we are featuring some Style!

Chambray and Princess
mrsvtgtblogpinkskirtchambray 2

mrsvtgtblogpinkskirtchambray 3

mrsvtgtblogpinkskirtchambray 1

{Kohl’s chambray shirt & sunnies // Thrifted skirt // Dr. Scholls wedges // Caroline G necklace // BR earrings}

This is one of my favorite skirts, but I tend to keep it for special occasions, except for this day.  This was just a regular day that called for a little extra pretty.  And who can resist the chambray trend and my favorite wedges?!  Certainly not me!  I just love how this layered pink skirt can take any regular day and turn it into a party-day!


The Mrs VtGT


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