The Ceremony

In those brief moments after we said “I Do” my thoughts were a blur of happiness and love.  And then, for the first time my husband opened his arms, pulled me close, and kissed me.  And we held each other, just for an extra moment, and pulled apart, with smiles lighting the fading sky.


We grabbed each others hands and practically skipped up the isle, into married life.  Our wedding party then joined us, followed by our parents, and the hugs started!  Gosh, that special time, standing in front of that beautiful tree, was just right.  A few tears of joy, lots of smiles, and the hugs!  Oh the hugs were the best!  There is this one photo that I just love.  It is of my father embracing my husband, truly welcoming him into the family.


Our family and friends piled around extending their congratulations and best wishes.  This time, this precious time, was magical and perfect.  These snidbits of memory flicker in and out of my consciousness, bringing sparks of joy to my everyday life.  The hugs turned into photos and smiles with the lake glistening in the background.


Then we tuned our group loose and took a few more photos, just the two of us.  We walked along the beach, hand in hand, loving this thing called married life.



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