Wedding Day Memories

It was Saturday July 27, 2013 that the Mister and I said our vows to each other in the presence of our family and friends.  It was the perfect day in so many ways.  The sun shown down on our lakeside ceremony as I linked arms with my father and walked down the isle, with tears in my eyes, to meet my husband at the alter.  Who would have thought that I, the one-who-never-cries, was shameless sniffling away as my parents stood with us and gave my hand to my {now} husband.

The ceremony that we created passed in a blur of joyous tears and sappy smiles. Then it was time to say our vows.  The Mister discretely opened a typed sheet of paper and proceeded to profess his love to me in an eloquent flow of words.  It was lovely.  So lovely.  Then I, again with the blubbering, unfolded my hand-written torn notebook paper and looked down at the words I had written only hours before.  Then refolded the paper, smiled up at him and spoke from my heart to the man I love.  It’s funny, thinking back on it I cannot remember exactly what I said, but it was just right, just right.

And then it was time to say those magic words and we were married.  Just like that.  The Miss became a Mrs and our lives and hearts are forever entwined.

One of many “unofficial” photos from our beautiful day.  I simply adore my husbands expression and the excitement in my movement.


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